Wi-Fi Designer

Design your next-generation wireless network in the cloud.

Wi-Fi planning in 3 easy steps:

  • Upload your floor plan (jpeg, png, gif, or bmp). Don't have one? No problem. Use the built-in drawing tool to create one from scratch.
  • Scale your map.
  • Add or remove Cambium APs to achieve your desired coverage model.

Registered users can then save and email their completed heat map design with bill of materials.

Cambium Networks - Wireless That Just Works

Design your Wi-Fi Network now.

Wi-Fi Designer is a free, easy-to-use tool that allows you to design your next-generation Wi-Fi network.
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What's New

Release 4.0.2
August 2023

  • New Features
    • XE3-4TN Updates
      • Added support for ANT-D60-4x4-01 antenna
      • Added support for setting these parameters on directional antennas:
        • Antenna height
        • Down tilt in degrees
        • Client height
    • Added ability to invert RSSI color codes on a per map basis to make red weakest, blue/green strongest
    • Wall count added to Map Details
    • Antenna selections and counts added to BOMs and Summary Tables in emails

Release 4.0.1
May/June 2023

  • New Features
    • XE3-4TN outdoor access point now supports selection of external antennas, specification of their orientation, and generation of heat maps. A limited number of antennas are supported initially for RF modeling with more to be added over time.
    • Can now add or replace a floor plan image for an existing map
    • Maximum floor plan image size has been increased from 5MB to 20MB
    • Enable Email button is now always available. Previously a map had to be selected
  • Bugs Fixed
    • AP rotation orientation was not maintained when swapping APs
    • JPEG floor plans that were originally in landscape mode but were rotated to portrait caused invalid heat map display
    • Occasionally duplicate map emails were sent

Release 4.0.0
3 April 2023

  • New User Interface
    • Updated icons and color scheme
    • New map tree
      • Supports distinct folders and maps
      • Supports right-click context menu
    • Collapsible accordion side panel
    • Change radio power/band settings from a single dialog
    • Email maps selected from a tree either individually or by folder(s)
  • Ability to export a Bill of Materials (BOM) for one or more maps
  • New contour option displays the contour for the selected RSSI for all bands
  • Ability to import maps from XMS-Enterprise 8.4.2 or later
  • Improved application performance
  • Bug fixes